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Way back in the days: 

Agi and Stefan first bumped into eachother in 1992. Although totally opposite characters, they got along just perfectly and become friend ever since. Almost immediately they found a connection in the one thing they had in common, their passion for electronic music. Agi, who was already involved with a 3-man electronic band called 'Cascade Falls' asked Stefan to join in... and so he did. Well, some internal discrepancies and Stefans "different" way of approaching music, made this experience not a very long lasting one. Never the less it was an important experience for Stefan, who from this point on never stopped to produce music.

In the beginning there was music: 

Although the involvement with Cascade Falls didn't work out very well for either Agi or Stefan, it was certainly helpful to figure out, what each of them wanted to achieve. It was crucial for Agi, who wrote his first songs with the band, but also for Stefan who learned the basics of actually producing music. Who would have guessed back then, that this could come in very handy for both of them in the future? Also a very important lesson, was the politics between the members and how not to do it, in order to get along.

The line ups and the changes: 

On the way from 'Cascade Falls' to 'Our Banshee', there were many other people, bands and projects. Stefan, who was the first to leave 'Cascade Falls', formed a new project called 'Kaanbalik' with his friend Leif Künzel. After a couple of gigs and releases, Agi also came to have some guest appearances, doing some vocals for them. This cooperation turned into a membership for Agi in 'Kannbalik'. The former line up, in order to keep it instrumental, founded a second formation called 'Mono No Aware'. After that, Stefan also decided to leave 'Mono No Aware' to work on some of his other projects. At first there was 'Pzycho Zone' with friend and producer Frank Klatt. Now as a producer team, Stefan & Frank took a chance with Sina Hübner as lead singer, which was the beginning of their "flag ship band" 'Pyzchobitch'. At the same time a till than solo musician by the name of Remi Szyszka got in touch with Stefan & Frank, to produce his music. He was also in need of an appropriate singer for his tracks. That's where Agi got back in the picture. After working together on several tracks, all four formed the band 'Tune'. After completing the first 6 tracks, Remi decided to leave 'Tune' and got involved with 'Psyche' so the other three members continued to work together under the name 'Set Alight'. After the first album Frank K. left 'Pzychobitch' and also left 'Set Alight' to start his solo project 'Die Farben'. Stefan & Sina also started a second project called 'S.I.N.A.'. Same people, different sound. 'Pzychobitch', still one man short, reunited with former 'Cascade Falls' member Martin Kovacic. 'Pzychobitch' became more and more the main project for Stefan, because it drew all of his attention to it and certainly took most of his time.
Although never ceased to exist, 'Set Alight' had to stand back for a long time.

Last men standing: 

After the split of 'Pzychobitch', Stefan and Agi finally got to get their very own project back on track. Some major changes have been made in the beginning, like changing the name from 'Set Alight' into 'Our Banshee'. After rearranging and figuring out the goals, 'Our Banshee' is now ready to go with fresh sounds. 
Let's just see, what the future brings...

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